Girls Travel Guides

Girls Travel Guides is an app created by two women who enjoy traveling with their girlfriends or on solo journeys. It’s written BY women FOR women with advice and recommendations FROM women. We consider the myriad ways women like to travel – whether they want to see historical or pop culture sites, shop for high-end clothing or unique gifts, or relax with some good food and wine. We also put a premium on safety and security, both when traveling around town and when choosing your hotel.

In recent years, women have made up 63 percent of the travel market, either vacationing alone or with other women. Of those who travel alone, 73 percent are women. We learned the hard way what happens when travel information doesn’t take safety into account in its recommendations. Our goal is to provide useful, practical, and fun information for travelers to make their trips once in a lifetime.

While  geared toward female travelers, anyone can use GTG. Each location will have interactive sections on pre-planned itineraries, hotel suggestions, food and bars, shopping, spas, historical sites, run/bike paths, and other traditional travel guide items. In addition to these, it will have a live GPS-enabled map with “safety centers” (e.g., police/fire stations, hospitals, women’s clinics) labeled. It will also have an emergency button that will discretely link the user to 911 should they feel in danger. GTG goes beyond the traditional travel guide by providing recommendations on hotels that meet certain safety and amenities standards; bars that promote “going out” and those that are more low-key; athletic activity options; and volunteer opportunities to give-back that take vacation beyond the regular sightseeing.  

To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @Travel_GTG. For more information, email us.